Gorge Cider Adventure

Take a walk through the orchard rows, take a turn at the press, and pour yourself a taste of your own hard work. Join us for an all-day, hands on tour of Gorge cider making and cap it off with free admittance to the Celebration of Beer event hosted by Skamania Lodge.

After we pick up you and your fellow adventurers at Skamania Lodge you will explore an orchard, a tasting room, and a cider production space as you search out the perfect combination of apples, flavors, and yeast to make your own Gorge cider. What could be better than winding down a hard day of adventure at Skamania Lodge with tasting some of the best cider and beer the Gorge has to offer?

We will pick you up in Stevenson at the Lodge at 9am, travel to Rivercider at Riverside Farms in the Hood River area to press apple juice and taste some cider apples, swing up to Crush Cider Cafe to talk about fermentation with Crush and cidermaker John Metta from Slopeswell Cider Co., and then cross the Columbia back to Jester and Judge in Stevenson to finalize the cider you’ve been working on all day! Then you’ll end your day with a chance to taste what you’ve made, along with ciders and beers from around the Gorge at the Skamania Lodge Celebration of Beer. Each stop will explore a different part of the cider making process, from the apples themselves, to the yeast and fermentation processes, and the additional flavors and blending help make the cider just right!

Space is limited so be sure to get your ticket now!