Apple Wine Vs Apple Cider

Apple Cider

If somebody happened to offer you hard apple cider and handed you a glass of some apple wine, you could be a little miffed, but who actually has the energy for all of that? The world is definitely a complicated and an exhausting place, and when somebody is offering you an alcoholic beverage which is delicious, sweet and made of tangy apples, I feel that you should take it. Take it and be happy that you have a glass of alcohol in your hand. It would help if you also sat with a smile on your face. But, if you really feel like you must know, here are some differences between apple wine and apple cider.

Apple cider, or hard apple cider is actually made by crushing the apples and then fermenting the juices. A person who is an aspiring apple cider maker could potentially make the cider without any equipment, by just smashing the apples and using the juice and fermenting it with the help of various methods. This will entail past rising the cider if it hasn’t already been done. It would be best if you also tossed in some yeast into the mixture, and then seal it. You should then monitor how much gas it is actually letting off. You should then let the whole thing sit for a while and then let the sediments settle. It would be best if you kept it simple. Different cider mixtures will need different amounts of sugar. Some cider may need honey as well. You may have to introduce it at various points and you should also first over the effervescence or the cloudiness. You will then have your apple cider ready. It will be ready with around 4% to 4.5% alcohol level. When you drink it, you will have a buzz that is very similar to drinking beer.

Apple Wine

Well, apple wine is not fundamentally different. It requires a very similar process, but it requires more and more sugar. The sweetener which is in excess will ferment over a very long period of time, and then, it will bring the alcohol content to around 12% to 15%. This can be carbonated too. There is definitely a difference between apple juice and the non-alcoholic apple cider. The apple juice has all the solid particles filtered out and it Will have been pasteurised in order to stay fresh inside the bottle for a much longer time. Keep in mind that Apple cider ends up with pulp and sediment in it. It may be raw or even pasteurised.

Apple wine and Apple cider or two drinks that are not exactly for people who are trying to be sober, because it is possible to get drunk off of them.